The F-List will constantly develop profile and professional opportunities for women in music. Over time these will include:

Careers Advice, Articles, Community, Campaigning, Training, Information, Events, Festival Opportunities, Commissions, Discounts, Partnerships, Mentoring , Label Opportunities, Radio/Streaming Playlists, Recommended Suppliers, Safe Venues, Merchandise, Advertising, Contacts, Event Calendar, Research, Awards and more

 If you would like to work with us – let us know! 



The F-List is working in partnership with Help Musicians, Miloco Studios, The Anchoress and DIY Female Musician to provide four two day bespoke training sessions for five women in an all female environment, creating a culture of belonging for women in professional recording studios


The F-List is proud to announce a partnership with One Fest, which in 2021 will be curated by Mercury Prize nominee Nadine Shah