The F-List offers musicians and music companies a simple way to connect with profile and professional opportunities.  It is elegant, simple and easy to use.

1. Claim Your Listing

Claiming a listing is super simple. Is your name or one of your artists already in The F-List?  Use the search bar to check, go to the listing and press ‘claim this listing’.  You will then enter your email and send details proving you are entitled to claim the listing.  What is proof?  This can include your address, social media or a professional link. Once your identity has been verified you will have access to your listing.

2. Create Your Listing

If your name is not already on The F-List – create a new listing.  Go to Add Your Listing. There are 3 packages to choose from – for musicians and groups a listing is totally free!  There is an option to pay to be a ‘featured’ artist if you wish (all monies go towards upkeep of the website).  And for music companies also there is a small fee.

There are a list of pre-defined categories – Company, Group or Musician – and lots of instruments and genres you can tick in order that people can find you.  There is also a list of all UK counties so event promoters can find musicians local to them. There is also plenty of room for a substantial biography and to add in all relevant information, links, socials,  music videos and one large photo.

3. Automatic Account

Creating an account with The F-List happens automatically when you claim or create your listing!