It’s never been easier to find female* talent within the UK music industry.

The F-List is the first directory of its kind to feature up-to-date information on UK-based female musicians, songwriters and composers.

Many event or festival organisers want to promote female artists but don’t know how or where to find them outside of their own network. The F-List solves this problem. With thousands of professional musicians who are currently signed to labels across all genres of music, this directory makes it easy to search for, and discover, great female talent.

But The F-List is not just a list. It’s a growing community, supported by a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, that’s committed to creating a future where gender equality is celebrated and properly represented throughout the music industry.

Over the past few years, it has been a fact that at the large UK festivals it’s often less than 15% of the musicians on the main stages are women. This is even though women possess the talent and desire to pursue a career in music – over the past five years they made up almost half of all music performance degree students.  And this figure also drops dramatically when it comes to female representation on UK record labels and publishers**.

You will have heard of many of the artists we feature – Adele, Sade, Charli XCX, Little Simz, Hildur Godnadóttir, Anna Meredith to name a few. But it is still a fact that many female musicians do not receive the professional opportunities their male counterparts may enjoy.

A fairer gender-balance can only be achieved if we build a community that begins to address the barriers that female artists face in the industry.  With covid19 it is going to be more difficult than ever for musicians to make their living out of their music, we want to ensure that female musicians are not forgotten when we re-open.

So whether you’re already famous or just starting out, The F-List community can help you.  We provide support and development through a network of people who have years of experience within the music industry.

‘Who can join The F-List?’

  • Musicians, songwriters and composers in all genres of music – create or claim a free listing to promote you and your work
  • Festival promoters and commissioners – search our directory of female artists; gain direct access to the talent you’re looking for
  • Musicians’ representatives – if you manage, publish or are an agent for a female artist or band, make sure they’re listed
  • UK record labels and publishers – we will feature your organisation as long as you have female artists on your roster
  • Music organisations and initiatives – get in touch to discuss how we can work together to support new and emerging female artists
  • Music fans and researchers – find out more about your favourite artists but also discover new ones!

If you’re a female artist who isn’t yet featured, please create a listing. We know there is more talent out there that we’ve not yet heard of, so please spread the word within your community too.

*We welcome all female and gender minority musicians
**Statistics from Counting the Music Industry

About Vick Bain

Vick Bain is an advocate and campaigner for equality and diversity in the music industry. She has over 25 years’ experience in the business. The F-List grew out of research she undertook before the start of her PhD, which looks at women’s careers in the music industry. In 2019, her findings were published in the revealing report ‘Counting the Music Industry’. For the first time, it provided data that demonstrated how few women are signed to labels and publishers, in comparison to men. Vick has been enrolled into the Music Week Women in Music Awards Roll Of Honour and featured in BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour Music Powerlist.